My choker collection



Usually, I don’t shop that much. I’m the kind of girl that goes shopping when I realise that I wear the same outfits over and over again.

For that reason, the best choice for me is to shop online. Almost all of the chokers I own, I bought online for less than 2 dollars!


This one I had for the longest time. Remember when those things were considered uncool? Yup, it was that time when I proudly wore it. And now I’m finally cool!



I saw this one online and I thought it’s a lot smaller, but when I got it, I was schocked by how huge it is! It looks amazing, but I choose to wear it only on special occasions since it’s so lacy and eye-catching. Working on pushing myself to wear it more often tho!



HereΒ is my daily one. It’s so cute!



This one makes my skin kinda itchy, but I still love it! Looks great with dresses.



I saw a similar one on a girl in the tube and immediately I knew I want one. Looks great with turtleneck!



And the final one. I absolutely love it, i think it looks so cute, but also a bit naughty. I love daisies! I usually wear it when I go all black, to break the darkness with flowers πŸ˜‰


That’s all! I hope you like it!

What chokers do you own? Let me know!


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