No-bake chocolate praline cookies!

IMG_20170127_185958.jpgSince my grandma found out that she needs to cut down on sugar, we try our best to make her the healthiest snacks possible.

The problem is that she has a sweet tooth. Candy, chocolate, cookies, cake or anything left near her will soon be gone. She just can’t resist!

We decided to start using stevia and xylitol instead of sugar and cut out any type of sweets that aren’t homemade.

Given that, I’d like to share a recipe I discovered a few months ago.



3/4 cup of sesame seeds (or any other type of nuts, depending on what you like. I often use anyhing I have in the kitchen)

big spoon of coconut oil

little spoon of stevia or sugar (you can add more if it’s not sweet enough)

big spoon of cocoa powder


All you need to do is to is, using food processor, blend the sesame seeds, add stevia, cocoa powder and coconut oil, then mix it together.

When all ingredients are mixed together, take a piece of it and roll it in your hands to form a praline. You can sprinkle it with a little bit of cocoa powder or coconut shreds.


And here they are!

Since they are made from coconut oil it’s best to keep them in the fridge.



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