Six months with Chyawanprash – effects on my skin and hair.


When I stumbled upon Chyawanprash online, seven months ago, I knew I have to check it out myself.

What is Chyawanprash?


Chyawanprash is a nutritive jam made of amla (a fruit full of vitamin C) and a mixture of 49 powerful, Ayurvedic herbs.

How does it taste?


Spicy and sweet, very hard to describe. It reminds me of a mix of honey and cloves.

I really like it. I even had to remind myself to eat just two recommended spoons a day because it tastes like a weird kind of candy. My mum says there are days when she hates it, and there are days when she loves it ;).

What are the benefits of Chyawanprash?

First, let’s check what Dabur promises us:

  • – Stimulating the body’s immunity response to infections like cough & cold
  • – Supporting healthy functioning of the heart & respiratory systems
  • – Prevention from infections during season change
  • – Enhancing overall strength & energy
  • – Supporting a strong digestive system
  • – Delays the ageing of cells & protects the skin from free radical damage
  • – Promotion of healthy blood glucose & cholesterol levels
  • – Nourishment & revitalizing of the reproductive tissues
  • – Proper development of ojas- the essence of youthfulness & nourishment
  • – Improves body’s natural resistance & lends overall strength & vitality to the body
  • – Protects and nourishes the body’s natural defense system
  • – Nourishes the mucous membranes
  • – Aids in normalizing the blood pressure
  • – Aids in keeping the respiratory passages clean & clear
  • – Helps in purifying the blood & elimination of harmful toxins from the body


My thoughts

First of all, my hair grew a lot faster.

A lot.

Usually it grows pretty fast, but I was surprised with how long my ponytail is after two months with Chyawanprash. I even checked if  I was using the same shampoo as before.

But, more importantly – baby hair! A head full of beautiful baby hair. They’re longer now, and they annoy me so much, getting in my eyes all the time, haha!

I’m kind of sad that my nails are still as weak as they were before but I guess I can’t have everything ;).

I also felt like my digestion improved a lot. It was my main goal and I’m so happy it worked! Now I can treat myself with risky snacks form time to time without  waking up with terrible skin the day after. Usually I use flax seeds if my digestion slows down, but Chyawanprash is definitely a tastier alternative.

As for infections prevention, detox or blood pressure I can’t say that anything changed. Due to some of my health problems I have my blood pressure checked a lot and it’s as good as it was before, just like my blood tests.

It takes me one and a half or two months to finish a big jar of Chyawanprash.




If you are looking for something to improve your digestive health, speed up hair growth or just a healthy, tasty snack it’s worth giving this spicy little thing a go!




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