Cleansing, anti-aging and antibacterial effects of cistus tea


Let’s find out more about this Mediterranean superherb!

What does the tea do?

  • helps eliminate toxinsΒ from the body
  • reduces body odor
  • contains anti-oxygent called polyphenol, known for its anti-inflammatory and anti aging benefits
  • has more antioxidants than green tea!
  • protects body cells from free radicals
  • whitens teeth and can help get rid of bad breath
  • it’s antiviral, anti bacterial and anti fungal


I’ve been drinking cistus tea for about 4 years now. I tend to drink it more in the winter trying to benefit from its anti bacterial and antiviral effects – Β and it works! I hardly ever get sick, even when people around me are sick.

My skin got clearer, I get a lot less pimples, and if I do, it heals faster. The tea also helped me with reducing redness.

I also feel like it keeps my skin glowing!


It is important to take breaks while drinking hebral teas. I often drink one herb regularly for about 5 weeks, then take a 4 weeks break.

I’m so happy with the way it works on my body, so I’m in search of cistus hydrosol, I’ll probably end up buying it online. Can’t wait to see how my skin reacts to it!



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